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  Lydia Beauty Spa

Lydia beauty spa is conveniently located just one block east of Grand central 42nd station, it’s a 5 min walk distance.

Lydia beauty spa started in New York City in 2018, with the owner having Japan Beauty Association license.

We can support for beauty in a healthy way for all women.
We’re expert in facial skin care and lymphatic drainage massage.

We’re been receiving high rating from our regular clients.

 Please visit us to maintain a beautiful skin and healthy body.

We welcome you with Hugh quality knowledge and technique. 


address: 211 East 43rd street, suite 626 New York, NY 10017

tel: 646-920-8336


instagram: lydia.lymph

business hours:

Mon-Sat 10:30am - 8pm

CASMARA infinity rejuvenation treatment 7 phases 


3 times/$218 each 

6 times /$198 each

CASMARA 24K gold mask 


3 times/$198 each

6 times/$178 each


CASMARA Ocean miracle 


3 times/$198 each 

6 times/ $168 each 


Deep Cleansing Facial


3 times/$118 each 

6 times/ $98each

Gus Sha Lymph  Flow Facial


3 times/$158 each 

6 times/ $138each

LED Light Therapy Facial


3 times/$158 each 

6 times/ $138each


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